Yangon River & Harbor

Yangon River & Harbor plus travel in the Andaman Sea.

The Yangon River is part of the Irrawaddy Delta having the sources in the Myanmar Himalaya Mountains.  The Yangon harbor stretches along Strand Street and serves ocean going and river vessel up to around 20.000 tons there is also a container port along the water.

Yangon Harbor

There are some rush hours in the morning and late afternoon when commuter cross the river to and from Dala.

Pazundaung Creek.

The Pazundaung Creek is one of the countless waterways in Yangon City. People living in houses on stilts. Which can be convenient when having the canoe moored just outside the house. But during monsoon this can get uncomfortable. Actually, the kids like it for jumping from the house in the river for fun. Here is still an affordable place to live. 

Yangon Harbor plus Andaman Sea travel by ship. 

For many people the ship to Kawthaung and the coastal cities and islands in the south of Myanmar are the only connection into the very south of the country. Although there are several airplanes from Kawthaung airport every day but most people can't afford them. On top of it what to do when coming from a remote island in the archipelago.