Yangon Chinatown Night Market

Yangon Chinatown and fun at night

What makes Chinatown so attractive is also the night market but fun in Yangon's Chinatown is always a bit sexy and eating oriented but some other places with a similar theme came up elsewhere in the city. 

Several night clubs with pretty Burmese girls are around at Theingyi Market the best are in the Ambassador Building on several floors where pretty young ladies do fashion shows every evening in the clubs to earn some money.

Yangon Chinatown Club Girls
Yangon Girls business at night

What do this pretty ladies have in mind? To entertain the audience by singing and dancing they get something in return now what they get? That are flower garlands the guys in the audience send them when they find that one of them particularly attractive. 

She will have a look for him maybe a little chat and if the "chemistry" might have some correlation something more could happen who knows? Live is complicated but beautiful at the same time 

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