Yangon Chinatown

Yangon Chinatown.

What is always amazing to me is in Yangon's Chinatown are no "Chinese letters" and signs visible. 

If you walk through Yangon's Chinatown you get into a good mood. The exotic colors are overwhelming, it does not have to be something extremely exotic, a melon with rich red or yellow color is real "eye candy". 

Green apples from the Shan State light up in jade colors it's no matter if it's raining now or dryness. It is just the mad dirt which is really bad. 

Yangon Chinatown

nightlife in Yangon Chinatown Burma

When browsing any town on earth where Chinese People live everywhere their signs pop up in Myanmar Burma they don't. Actually, the Chinese quarter in Rangoon is strongly mixed with Indian and Pakistani people who made it into the country with the British colonialists and stayed here afterward. 

sexy Burmese girls
Both ethnicities are for sure an enrichment for Myanmar Burma because some of them are hard working people who contribute to society but the Indians have the agriculture business a bit too much under their monopolistic control as financiers and money lender. Especially the business with beans and pulses is totally under their control.  

Yangon Chinatown is sizzling

Anyway, a night here in particular at Maha Bandoola and 19 Street should not be missed. In Chinatown is also great nightlife with bars restaurants and plenty of Burmese girls working in the nightshift.
Still going strong in Yangon Myanmar
The nightlife vibration in Yangon's Chinatown is mostly delivered by pretty Burmese nightlife girls. Sexy Myanmar model girls keep the fun alive in a Yangon Night. Around Theingyzey is the place where most nightclubs and discos plus bars are. 

What to do during daytime?

Visit the Bogyoke Market one of the few genuine bazaars leftover from colonial times.

Other places run shows with the model girls. All kind of fun in Yangon's Chinatown is always a bit sexy oriented but some other places with a similar Yangon sexy theme came up elsewhere in the city.