Yangon Nightlife

Yangon nightlife

Fun with Burmese Girls in a Yangon (Rangoon) night in Chinatown. Bars and nightclubs some night entertainment run shows with Myanmar model girls. Young ladies are always available in the nightlife scene.

https://amzn.to/2NuXTWp This is entertainment and always as it is common in Asia a bit sexy oriented but some other venues with a similar gender oriented theme is elsewhere in the city. In the nightclubs are up to fifty sensual young women at work. 

There is nothing visible in the gay scene actually it is somewhere in the "underground" but since Myanmar (Burma) is an extreme conservative Buddhist country (in a positive meaning) this is not very visible beside of the pagoda and temples everywhere.

Yangon nightlife

Nightlife in Yangon Chinatown

What do this pretty ladies in the night? 

To entertain the audience by singing and dancing they get something in return, now what they get? That are flower garlands the guys send them when they find that one of them particularly attractive. She will have a look for him, maybe a little chat and if the "chemistry" might have some correlation something more could happen, who knows? Live is complicated but beautiful at the same time speed dating with sexy Asian girls is the answer. Among other the nightlife spot at Ahlone Road in Yangon Myanmar is almost perfect although the environment is quite rotten the atmosphere is pleasant

Have a nice evening and eat some good food try Myanmar and Mandalay beer and enjoy life be happy with some karaoke in between and have fun. Some strange people from elsewhere interpret this with negative intentions as "prostitution". 

Although the girls just do some entertainment the strange people with their Taliban mind try to make other miserable just like the Saudi and Pakistani religious police does anyone like that? for sure not! Myanmar is such a an exciting country especially for holiday since there are so many fascinating Asian women around.

Exotic holiday with pretty women

Most Myanmar people already have enough problems within their daily life they know themselves what is good for them and don't need others to tell them what to do. They had this system now already for around 60 years and they are happy to get rid of it.

Fashion show ladies in Chinatown.

They really sing and some of them do this quite good. They mainly sing local songs but from time to time they also do English Thai and Hindu singing. This place is basically a restaurant which morphs into a nightclub in the evening, it's very popular because of the sexy singer.

There is an amazing amount of Burmese girls working in the night shift and they do quite a good job when considering the very limited possibilities they have on hand. No wonder why they go sometimes a bit further to get some cash into the pocket they also want to live and are definitely old enough to know what they do. The city is quite busy in the evening but around 11 pm traffic dies down and people move home there is nothing after midnight, nightlife is quite different to Bangkok Singapore and other Metropolis in the Asia.

Newer venues  have been built with better financing which means the whole looks a bit better and less "homemade" but the fashion show girls are the same since the move from one place to the other within 45 minutes slots. This is not long but considering that nightlife starts at 8 pm and ends at midnight it's rather short. Between the bars and nightclubs they are rushing in this small trucks and some of them hope to find a guy among the audience with some money. This small trucks carrying them are rather uncomfortable anyway I like Yangon nightlife why? Here is the answer.

Dinner in Chinatown 

Local open air dinner in Yangon's Chinatown is a simple one with plenty of fun and excellent "Myanmar Beer" and "Mandalay Beer" it's much less loaded with chemicals as in Thailand where the fake and profit mentality is overwhelming. 

Exploring Nightclubs and Bars with Burmese Girls for a good entertainment. This is rather small stuff playing in a number of great disco clubs plus KTV multipurpose restaurants some pool clubs and plenty of crossovers where a mixture of the before mentioned is available.

The most attractive places are for sure Myanmar Burmese girls related here they call them model girls in the nightlife. Ok, you can also sit down in the hotel or resort at the beach somewhere and slurp a cocktail, drink some wine, maybe whiskey, beer or whatever. This boring stuff you can also do at home, where is the adventure spirit? Most Myanmar people are Buddhist and they are not negative to drink something which brings everyone into a positive mood with plenty of laughter plus great pictures.

About Myanmar Burma Nightlife

Myanmar Nightlife

As they say in Europe "wine women and laughter" here it's the same just substituted with beer and in the center of the country booze made from "toddy palm juice" is quite popular. That taste not bad, it's sweet and a terrible headache the next day is for sure.

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Since I look into this subject over more than 20 years I can see that there is such a lot of nonsense written in many websites about this subject and by far the worst is "Wikipedia" where someone is greatly exaggerating the whole in a ridiculous way. It looks to me he/she is somehow on a crusade against the guys presenting totally wrong numbers.

Myanmar nightlife (2)Myanmar nightlife (3)

But let's talk about good stuff such as Myanmar nightlife and street food at night which looks not bad at the first glance but it needs to be extremely careful eating that, the hygienic circumstances are "hair-raising". Anyway, you will find fascinating exotic women and friendly people in the nightlife scene but there are really enough bars in Yangon but most are not very stylish but here are for sure some of the most beautiful people in Myanmar

All is rather a bit lazy except places like “Power Light” (has been closed but is a good example for Myanmar nightlife JJ Entertainment Asia Entertainment Plaza Pioneer Disco Zero Zone at this places also a companion might be available and be sure Burmese girls are real spiritual, they lift you higher.

If you want to go local try "Myanmar Beer" and "Mandalay Beer", these two brands are amazingly good and clean, no additive like in Thailand where it is common having a terrible headache the next day also with small quantities. They have excellent white and dark rum locally made; whiskey’s with important concentrate and other local spirits.

The whiskey is made with aroma material from England but all other are native and they are amazingly good especially gin and brandy. More  Myanmar Nightlife Photos.

I am always puzzled when I visit one of these bigger hotels where they use only imported alcohol for cocktails, do these people have no national feeling? They have excellent homemade liquors but they only use imported, I guess the government should increase taxes on imported things of that kind but they are lazy always pretending to have many things to do but effectively do nothing. When it comes to making problems to bar owners and pretty Burmese girls who do their "naughty" job they can do it very quickly.

Yangon's Chinatown has a bit of everything in the nightlife business. Such as local fast food, reasonable drinks, great local, Thai, English and Indian Music for rather low prices, you can feel real good at this place with a good vibration only the service guys are below standard but the Karaoke girls sitting around at the entrance have some more qualities.

Here are mainly local guys and this is also reflected in the furniture and decoration who visit the place. The fashion show groups change every 30 minutes from 8 pm to 12 pm.

It is possible to strike a deal with one of the nightlife girls; the relaxed atmosphere in the open-air rooftop venue radiates some positive vibrations to bring everyone into the right mode. Buy some flower garlands to them and they will come to your table and let’s see what happen. Vibrating interesting and almost totally local driven night spots are in Yangon's Chinatown nightlife.

Chinatown nightlife around Theingizay.

In the same building and at the other side of the road are some more clubs such as Emperor and Palace disco there are some more nightclubs in the floors. Here are sexy nightlife girls and great pictures which are an ever growing entertainment machine.

Myanmar quickly got the message after they relaxed the rules how to earn money with the ladies and the nightlife girls like it for many there is no other income. The situation is very similar to Thailand and Cambodia.

Although this is a nightclub/restaurant fusion with pretty Burmese Girls who entertain the men and most like it. It needs to look to these nice places from a local point of few since there are also families with kids around. It is not in the way with the "tunnel vision" western people have, who always think entertainment with girls is automatically is "naughty business".

Myanmar Nightlife in Chinatown

Only western media UN and NGO's spraying the usual lies. They have no much idea what's going but write all kind of nonsense, according to the normal thinking in the branch "only bad news are good news" so they lie and manipulate the whole day on.

Asia Plaza Entertainment is in the nightlife business since about 199x the boss is a Taiwanese and he was running the Emperor Disco in Chinatown. What are the hallmarks? Pretty Burmese Girls in the night shift.

Burmese Girls at night

Most are beauties indeed, now the guy runs the Asia Plaza Entertainment at Mingalar Zey Market close to Kandawgyi Lake.

Local Style Dining

Have some local style food at Mahabandoola and 19th street but be very careful when eating something since this places are simply unhygenic.

Move up to Ahlone Street around the International and Summit Parkview Hotel with several nightclubs, discos, lounges, pool bar and several restaurants. There you get an excellent dinner, indoor and in a beautiful garden.

Street food is available in simple open air nightlife restaurants but is extremely careful eating that, the hygienic circumstances are "hair raising". In particular dirt and no ice on seafood which is laying around in the heat without taken care and it is not known either where it was stored before. Considering the continuous problems with electricity and no ice available everyone knows what happened.

Clubs and Karaoke Bars around Mingalar Zey Market

Other entertainment spots are at Mingalar Zey  Market and Kandawgyi Lake with restaurants and nightclubs, at the place pictured here are some karaoke and bar cluster in particular at Asia Entertainment with 5 floors

of different versions of girls entertainment, bring ear plugs with you, otherwise, you are deaf after 15 minutes.

About 20 meters further is JJ Entertainment an ideal spot to pick up "freelancer" they all charge entrance but it's worth it. In particular, at weekends lots of positive thinking girls are around for hire.

Ahlone Road around the International and Summit Parkview Hotel

If you want to dance try the Summit Parkview Hotel they have life music every night and a tasteful buffet - restaurant.

In the nightclub even a Filipino dance instructor gets the fat Chinese women moving their butt to try Tango and other stuff.

In the hotels, most bars, clubs, lounges and discos karaoke is available including pretty young women, it needs some negotiations to get a bit closer.

The best in this direction is JJ and Asia Entertainment where several nightclubs and karaoke shops are. A few nice fine-dining spots in the top hotels are around and at some privately owned places. There is no hardcore partying, nobody likes too much noise but there is definitely a busy oriental nightlife and everyone can find a nice companion if he or she likes.

In the same complex and at the other side of the road are some more clubs such as Emperor and Palace disco, sometimes they close (usually girls related) and open again after a few months. Sexy nightlife in Yangon is an ever growing entertainment machine with pretty Myanmar girls for hire.

Burma as it was known before slowly becoming a prime tourist destination with many fun centers catering to the new visiting Myanmar tourists. There are many different clubs for different interests. The center is as indicated in Chinatown with a communal vibe since clubs and bars are only walking distance from each other which makes a tour quite easy but don't stay too long at each place because at midnight is closing hour which means no much club hopping, they really close it’s not like in Thailand where they pretend to do but won’t.

There are plenty of possibilities to burn cash but it’s always moderate since there are not many places to do so although gambling is on at some private houses. Every place with Chinese people has some gambling facilities. There is one with slot machines at the Ambassador Building below the Zero Zone.

Alcohol to reach virtual higher ground

Thinking about getting high with alcohol is just the same issue as anywhere in the world. The drinks are widely available, not expensive and of amazingly high quality. They have all variants such as gin, whiskey, rum, brandy and an exquisite brew of mainly three brands that is Myanmar Mandalay and Tiger Beer.

The quality is comparable to Europe an absolute positive sign when compared to the low quality of Thai beer where they throw too many chemicals into it since there is no rules and regulation everyone do everything in Thailand just as they like and since most people have no particular subject education they do a lot of stuff wrong.

There are two versions of spirits, first is the local made which is as good as anything imported and the other. All bigger hotels and bars are using imported alcohol which actually is a puzzle to me because it is, as indicated top quality material and quite low priced. This is similar to perfume, they make excellent perfume but most people buy the imported essence.

Beside of trying to do something with the ladies, it is also a pleasure just to watch them. There is always plenty of blah-blah and the mobile phone are always busy, until some years ago they held themselves onto the cigarettes now the mobile is the crouch. Is there something for those people who just want an evening of drinking and dancing, yes, the good news is it’s just around the corner at various nightlife spots with fantastic Burmese music and a great overall nightlife experience.

Trying some karaoke clubs with VIP rooms

The pretty ones with great music and more are waiting. Is that underground? No that’s mainstream and not only for pop, rap and hip-hop all with authentic Myanmar music. As you can see, any flavor of nightlife is available Yangon City.

In the city are no strip clubs and go-go bars, the people here prefer to do this in the dark so nobody can see it. There are also no "freelancer" around on the streets, actually, there are plenty of them but only in the nightclubs and discos at weekends to get some cash into the pocket.

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There is no real public transport day and night, it's the only taxi. The stuff they call public transports is substandard rotten buses and small trucks.

So if you don't have your own car it needs a taxi which is quite cheap but many of this vehicles just escaped the junkyard in Tokyo or maybe Osaka.

To handle this make sure a price is fixed before you step into the vehicle (preferably let the doormen get to taxi for you) and make sure that the driver really understands where you want to end up because most of them have no knowledge about the city.

Also, in general, don't enter a car where a second passenger is already sitting because that could get dangerous. Considering all this better make a good overall insurance before leaving home. Also not in Thailand because they never pay when there is a problem.  Just being a bit careful in Yangon keeps trouble away. This idea is the same with hotels (when booking a hotel do it here) don't take the cheapest because it's often much better to pay $ 10,- more per night and avoid trouble.
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