Yangon Nightlife

Yangon nightlife

Fun with Burmese Girls in a Yangon (Rangoon) night in Chinatown. Bars and nightclubs some night entertainment run shows with Myanmar model girls. Young ladies are always available in the nightlife scene.

https://amzn.to/2NuXTWp This is entertainment and always as it is common in Asia a bit sexy oriented but some other venues with a similar gender oriented theme is elsewhere in the city. In the nightclubs are up to fifty sensual young women at work. 

There is nothing visible in the gay scene actually it is somewhere in the "underground" but since Myanmar (Burma) is an extreme conservative Buddhist country (in a positive meaning) this is not very visible beside of the pagoda and temples everywhere.

Yangon nightlife

Nightlife in Yangon Chinatown

What do this pretty ladies in the night? 

To entertain the audience by singing and dancing they get something in return, now what they get? That are flower garlands the guys send them when they find that one of them particularly attractive. She will have a look for him, maybe a little chat and if the "chemistry" might have some correlation something more could happen, who knows? Live is complicated but beautiful at the same time speed dating with sexy Asian girls is the answer. Among other the nightlife spot at Ahlone Road in Yangon Myanmar is almost perfect although the environment is quite rotten the atmosphere is pleasant

Have a nice evening and eat some good food try Myanmar and Mandalay beer and enjoy life be happy with some karaoke in between and have fun. Some strange people from elsewhere interpret this with negative intentions as "prostitution". 

Although the girls just do some entertainment the strange people with their Taliban mind try to make other miserable just like the Saudi and Pakistani religious police does anyone like that? for sure not! Myanmar is such a an exciting country especially for holiday since there are so many fascinating Asian women around.

Exotic holiday with pretty women

Most Myanmar people already have enough problems within their daily life they know themselves what is good for them and don't need others to tell them what to do. They had this system now already for around 60 years and they are happy to get rid of it.

Fashion show ladies in Chinatown.

They really sing and some of them do this quite good. They mainly sing local songs but from time to time they also do English Thai and Hindu singing. This place is basically a restaurant which morphs into a nightclub in the evening, it's very popular because of the sexy singer.

There is an amazing amount of Burmese girls working in the night shift and they do quite a good job when considering the very limited possibilities they have on hand. No wonder why they go sometimes a bit further to get some cash into the pocket they also want to live and are definitely old enough to know what they do. The city is quite busy in the evening but around 11 pm traffic dies down and people move home there is nothing after midnight, nightlife is quite different to Bangkok Singapore and other Metropolis in the Asia.

Newer venues  have been built with better financing which means the whole looks a bit better and less "homemade" but the fashion show girls are the same since the move from one place to the other within 45 minutes slots. This is not long but considering that nightlife starts at 8 pm and ends at midnight it's rather short. Between the bars and nightclubs they are rushing in this small trucks and some of them hope to find a guy among the audience with some money. This small trucks carrying them are rather uncomfortable anyway I like Yangon nightlife why? Here is the answer.

Dinner in Chinatown 

Local open air dinner in Yangon's Chinatown is a simple one with plenty of fun and excellent "Myanmar Beer" and "Mandalay Beer" it's much less loaded with chemicals as in Thailand where the fake and profit mentality is overwhelming.