The old ministers office in Yangon

The old minister's office

Yangon still has a great heritage and legacy people tell it goes back around two thousand years and the fixtures are the Shwedagon and Sule Pagoda plus the British colonialists.

Old minister's office

Although some people call this old brick-buildings junk it definitely has its charm and at several structures in this Victorian Style are currently renovated among them the old Railway Building opposite the Sule Pagoda Shangri-La Hotel but all takes a very long time. 

old ministers office (1)

The buildings are a legacy of the British and a typical fix-points for an old Yangon city tour. 

Better renovate the old Ministers Office
When the British moved in to restructure Rangoon the result was what we can see today. 
Old Yangon Architecture
Since the people who actually did the work according to their plans came from India it is clearly visible today that they planted their roots in the architecture. Just walk around downtown and enjoy many views similar to Bombay or Calcutta, also the structure of the different quarters is the same. 

These British ruins were left to decay 

and it shows how solid these old structures are because they still appear quite ok. There is some military personnel around but that seems to be more for the protection to make sure no tourist get lost in here. 

Since from time to time bricks are falling down and a traveler with a broken head won't look so good. All this old style living definitely has its charm but this heritage might be gone soon since nobody takes care of it. Now in 2017 the authorities slowly wake up and start renovation I guess that the people have no idea what a historic treasure they are guarding here. It somehow reminds me of the renovated shopping mall behind the Kremlin Moscow which looked really good after the mad communist left and it got renovated.
Side view from Anawrahta Road

part of the old railway station which is renovated