Syriam & Thanlyin at Yangon

Yangon vicinity day trip.

Yangon vicinity day trip to visit an old Portuguese church from the 17th Century in the area of the old refinery. A few km south of Yangon City around the area of the present day refinery once the Portuguese settled at Syriam and Thanliyn across the river from Yangon City has a very interesting piece of Myanmar history. 
old Portuguese church

Yangon day trip.

According to the Myanmar - Burmese chronicles a colonial drama was played out there connected to Philip de Brito y Nicote who began a job as cabin boy grew as a palace servant in Arakan (today Rakhine) and rose to be King of Pegu (Bago). 

Portuguese grave and church at Syriam. De Brito  ended his life in miserable conditions writhing on a stake in the sun, where he lingered for three days until he died in Syriam. Today the only remains left from that time is the church pictured below and a grave inside of a Portuguese person from 1732. Interestingly every week fresh flowers are placed on it.

Bago began its career as a king's city about 587 years before the birth of Christ. But cities which depend on kings are prone to lapse into insignificance and there is almost nothing known of the old city beside it was a busy trading point at the seaside discovered by the early Portuguese traders who bought the Myanmar rubies which were moved to Bago from Mogok to trade.

Ruby and sapphire mined in Mogok

The first account we have from an European observer is from Gasparo Balbi a merchant from Venice searching for rubies in 1579. He entered Myanmar Burma at Neguis in the west and traveled across the Delta to Pegu (Bago).

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda

Kyaik Khauk Pagoda

He gave some travel records when he passed Dagon (Yagon) telling of wide street and wooden houses houses gilded and with gardens around. Burma's past is strongly connected to foreigners, Chinese, Indians and the British. This contribute to a very interesting Asian flair still seen after several hundreds of years.

On a river island in front of Yangon Rangoon City Syriam & Thanlyin is the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda.