Sule Pagoda tour Yangon (Rangoon)

Sule Pagoda tour Yangon (Rangoon)

The Sule Pagoda is in the heart of Yangon designated by the British as the city center when they started to renovate the capital after moving south from Mandalay. 

Sule Pagoda

Yes and if you want to visit first are $ 5,- after the foreigner is allowed to enter. Now what to see in the Sule Pagoda? Frankly nothing interesting just the usual Buddha Statues. The only interesting view is from outside first the combined panorama with the Mosque at the "round about"and second walk a bit towards the Sule Shangri-La Hotel which is also standing tall. There is a pedestrian crossing over the intersection and from there the best photos / videos of the Sule Pagoda can be made.

Yangon Walking Tour

People say the Sule Pagoda is about two thousand years old. The British made the Sule Pagoda the center of Yangon (Rangoon) when they rebuilt Rangoon. A very old fashion stylish hotel in Yangon (Rangoon) today is the Kandawgyi Hotel at the Royal or "Kandawgyi Lake". The main through roads of the center are full of stinking buses and small trucks who carry the people of Yangon back and forward. All roads in the city have incrustation of stalls and the people do their business just on the boardwalk repairing shoes cutting textiles and eating around small tables Myanmar style fast food). The next pagoda in the city is the Botataung pagoda at the south side of the port.

Colorful flower markets are along the road with tropical and tempered flowers brought from Shan State including fruits  and vegetables meat and all kind of items for the daily life plus myriads of shops selling everything from cameras watches software pharmaceutical products (which are mostly imported except traditional Myanmar (Burmese) medicines. Through these old British style arteries now runs pure oriental blood made from Toyota home made Myanmar jeeps and plenty remains of WW2 vehicles including trucks and buses street markets are lining the roads.

The streets of Yangon (Rangoon) in bright sun with strolling crowds and dense traffic have a look for the Yangon pictures on this page and elsewhere in the website. The Yangon (Rangoon) river is administered by the Port Authority which controls all ship movements. The Yangon river has the inland harbor and the more prominent the ocean going vessels moving in from the Andaman Sea, a part of the Indian Ocean. Close to the Yangon (Rangoon) port is the Botataung Pagoda. Very close to the waterfront runs the Strand Road with the famous Strand Hotel on the other side of the road. The area is very busy and ocean-going vessels from about 10 000 to 15 000 tons are anchored alongside the bank and in midstream. After conquering Burma during British colonial times Yangon was a stopover for British vessels from India to Penang and today Georgetown Malaysia Kuala Lumpur and present day Singapore