Sule Pagoda tour Yangon (Rangoon)

Sule Pagoda tour Yangon (Rangoon)

The Sule Pagoda is in the heart of Yangon designated by the British as the city center when they started to renovate the capital after moving south from Mandalay. 

Sule Pagoda

Yes and if you want to visit first are $ 5,- after the foreigner is allowed to enter. Now what to see in the Sule Pagoda? Frankly nothing interesting just the usual Buddha Statues. The only interesting view is from outside first the combined panorama with the Mosque at the "round about"and second walk a bit towards the Sule Shangri-La Hotel which is also standing tall. There is a pedestrian crossing over the intersection and from there the best photos / videos of the Sule Pagoda can be made.

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