Shan State Myanmar

Shan State Myanmar.

The name Shan is not used among the people themselves and probably originates as do also Chin and Kachin from China. It is a common Chinese term for hill-savage or barbarian.
They call themselves Thai meaning 'free' and remnants of their ethnic group are spread right across east Asia from Canton to Assam the greatest single unit being the Siamese or present day Thai.

The Pa'O people.

The Pa'O people are the second largest ethnic group in Shan State. They also live in Kayin Kayah Mon State plus the Bago Division east of Yangon. There are two groups of Pa-O one is the Lowland Pa'O around Thaton and the second is the Highland Pa'O group from in Taunggyi which are part of 24 subgroups. Many of the current day Pa'O took refuge in Thailand Mae Hong Son Province because of the military conflicts in Myanmar.

Unfortunately the Shan were tricked by the British offering them their own State when they help them against the Burmese but this was only the usual lies the British made everywhere according to the old philosophy divide and conquered they copied from the old Romans. They did this not only with them but also with the Chin and Karen all of them were cheated on purpose by the British colonialists.

Shan State Myanmar

Shan State

Brits were like a devil to many parts of the country. They also encouraged them in the north east to plant opium poppies which the British sold to the Chinese payable in silver. There was no drug production and problems in this part of the country before the colonialists.
Today it's different the colonialists are gone but their legacy still are the source of many problems in the country. 

Luckily slowly another kind of foreigners move in to Myanmar with good intentions this are the tourists since this is one of the most magnificent travel destinations. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the country and this is not only the lake, there are plenty of interesting things to see, such as the wooden palaces of their rulers of the past.

The ethnic group living around are the Pa-Oo which are Mon who fled long time ago from the border area south of Bago because of the constant fighting between Myanmar and Thailand.

Shan State People