Pin Oo Lwin

Pin Oo Lwin (Maymyo)

Pin Oo Lwin Candacraig hotelPin Oo Lwin is a popular get away town at the entrance to the Shan plateau just 66 km east of Mandalay reachable by train and over a scenic narrow winding road climbing up to the very fertile plateau.

Maymyo means Maytown and is named after Colonel May of the the Bengal Infantry Regiment in 1886. 

At a height of 1040 meters above sea the village is pleasantly cool and a relief from the heat of the plains. Maymyo was a favorite of the British during colonial times who built the railway which is still in operation today. Surrounded by low hills within an area of about 30 skm the area is dotted with pine trees eucalyptus and silver oak. Coffee vegetables and strawberries are grown on the slopes of the hills. 

Heavily loaded trucks often stinky and rotten bring them to the markets of Yangon and other places in Myanmar which is not easy considering the feat of the roads. It should be also considered that Myanmar is as big as Britain and France together with almost no modern roads they are almost all just the same as they were after WW2.

Yellow chrysanthemums flowers in particular for offerings in the Buddhist temple and Pagodas as well as as countless other plants are grown in the area around and delivered throughout the country.. Pin Oo Lwin is a must see destination on any serious Myanmar tour to find out which houses have been built by the British watch out for chimneys. 

The Candacraig hotel in Pin Oo Lwin.

Pin Oo Lwin Candacraig hotel

The Candacraig hotel in Pin Oo Lwin. was built by the British colonialist and is still operating the pictorial representation of the place is better than any description by words. 

Pin Oo LwinThe place was built to function as the terminal for the train from Mandalay to let the English escape the extreme summer heat in Central Myanmar

The town looks like a copy of an English village in the early centuryIncluding a interesting botanical garden and the environment is real pretty including the houses which are the only buildings in this part of the world with chimneys a great nostalgic environment. 

The local people are mainly descendant of Indian / Pakistani soldiers so plenty of people from the Indian subcontinent are around in Pin Oo Lwin most have been living in Mandalay before and moved up here since the climate is much better compared to the Myanmar dry zone.

A pleasant place far away from the tropical heat and the insects which usually come with it the botanical garden is another positive environment the British created.

Myanmar Buddhist MonksBuddhist Nun at the market
old English houses with chimneysPin Oo Lwin Buddhist monks

Myanmar steam locomotive in Shan State