Ngapali Beach Rakhine State

Ngapali Beach in Rakhine State

Welcome to Ngapali Beach this is the most popular beach site in Myanmar although a bit off where people usual travel. Since this is the accessible waterfront in Myanmar which is in the northwest corner in Rakhine State.

Ngapali Beach waterfront map & pictures the seafront on the bay of Bengal is the best developed in the country several resorts are owned or managed by foreign companies which makes sure to have a certain good standard. On the other side those hotels have higher prices than the other.

Ngapali Beach

The coast of the old Arakan State is now Rakhine with Sittwe as capital and the border to Bangladesh northwards currently in the news because of the Rohingya Problem. Arakan had a very important role in Burma's / Myanmar history because the Portuguese and Dutch landed here first on their trading quest to Asia. Most Ngapali is closed during the Monsoon season.

Buddhist novitiation procession (1)

Ngapali Waterfront

Early in the morning in the fishermen start their activities to pull their catch ashore and sort it out. You can do a day trip to watch them, the other parts are used almost exclusively for guests. There are small restaurants behind serving fresh seafood, some bars with music and a good service, there are excellent hotels and resorts around.

Myanmar Mosque
Myanmar Buddhist Sculpture

The life of the local people has not much changed in the last thousand years it's easily visible to the environment including the oxcarts. 

ngapali beach fishermen

This are all fishing communities but the upcoming tourism will bring an infusion of modern times. They still using the oxcarts extensively they are the backbone of rural transportation and it seems as if they like it playing around in the warm emerald waters of the Bay of Bengal.
On the other side this is a unique local environment with the oxcarts I guess it could be a real unique tourist attraction.

Mrauk U in Rakhine State.

The other touristic relevant spot is Mrauk U a half day river cruise up the Kaledan Stream 
Mrauk U was founded in 1430 and was the capital of a dynasty with the same name until around 1790 the city was famous and Portuguese Dutch and other had trading posts there because of the rich environment. Although the city is around 40 km inland it was possible to reach by their sea going vessels over the Kaledan river and a network of creeks and canals.

Something like this is not visible anymore in southeast Asia elsewhere. if you have enough from lazing around and the sun already did the job stand up a bit more early and walk south for a while there are lots to see. You will pass some fishermen villages and watch them how to bring in their catch.

rakhine state & ngapali beach

Other Myanmar beaches.

Most other beach destinations including the islands in south Myanmar which are almost genuine pristine because after WW2 when the British left no government allowed foreigners in. Some tourism started only in 198x with many "strings attached" so only a minimum of traveler came and most of them were from the USSR and East Germany.

The country could truly be a beach destination with resorts since it definitely is one of the potentially most attractive tourist destinations in Asia with endless waterfronts. But until now it attracts not foreign tourists every year and the one who comes usually are bound to other destinations and not to this beautiful seafronts, here the oceanfront at the Bay of Bengal at Ngapali is known for endless sandy beaches until now there is no nightlife with parties and girls. 

The cuisine is mainly seafood and the festivals are the usual ones celebrate in the whole country. Luxury resorts and hotels are rather rare as you can see in the picture above which is. The whole infrastructure is not very good that means the hotels must operate independent (often no electricity) which raise costs and means high-end prices

Beautiful islands and beaches in south Myanmar 

But there is nothing developed no hotels no accommodations and only accessible from Yangon via Dawai and Myeik plus Kawthaung. Kawthaung at the southernmost tip is reachable from Ranong Thailand it is not possible to move beyond city limits. It needs to get a visa from their embassy in Bangkok first after the country can be accessed. 

Even during English colonial times Myanmar / Burma was better accessible I sometimes wonder what this so-called government in Naypyidaw is doing the whole day? It looks like this is an 18th-century bureaucracy only busy with themselves.