Myeik Archipelago Myanmar

Myeik Archipelago in south Myanmar 

Here is the island world at the border of Thailand with over 800 tropical islands. An ideal vacation destination too but the government who is responsible for that just sit and do nothing. That goes on now (2017) since about 10 years but nothing happens. 

Myeik Archipelago Myanmar 

The current government people are traveling around in Asia and begging for "investment" preferably from Japanese sources because the Japanese are well known to pay kickbacks and don't ask much questions. 
in the myeik archipelago

Actually, the cultured pearl operations were also started together with a local company as a JV and after a while, it became evident that the communist/military mentality won't works together with Japanese business peoples and they split it took another decade until the Myanmar were capable of doing the south sea pearls culturing on their own job on their own.