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Myanmar Mountain

The mountains of the north in Kachin State are the offshoots of the Tibetan Himalaya with almost 6000 meters including snow ice and glaciers. The topography and environment is very similar to the alps. 

Myanmar Mountain Outdoor Travel

Naturally there are plenty of natural campgrounds in the Myanmar mountains so it's worth to do some planning since the campgrounds are rather rough and not organised its just the plain nature but if you like rough outdoor travel you never will be disappointed. On the photo below you can see Hkakabo Razi the highest peak in ASEAN.

The main differences are in Myanmar / Burma they have some elephants and bears around that is genuine ASEAN outdoor travel.

Naturally there are plenty of natural DIY campground in the Myanmar mountains so it's worth to do some planning since the campgrounds are rather rough and not organised its just the plain nature but if you like it rough and do it yourselves you never been disappointed. If you come through Thailand it could be useful to have a look at the link above.

  • Myanmar has two real famous mountains.

Myanmar or Burma has countless high mountains up to 6000 meters but only two of them are real famous in 2018 this are an extinct volcano
Mount Popa (the abode of the Nats) east of Bagan and 
  • Mount Hkakabo Razi with almost 6000 m in the Myanmar Himalayas in northern Kachin State. 
Visiting southeast Asian icy mountains with large glaciers and everything needed for a cold natural Myanmar outdoor environment can be experienced. 

Mountain Pagoda

They are located in the north of Myanmar (Burma) in Kachin State at the border to China and India actually this are the eastern extension of the Tibetan Himalaya. 

Myanmar Mountains

Kachin and Chinese people cut and poach almost all accessible trees.

Since the north of Myanmar Burma is a very remote area not many people are around there the last documented where the British during colonial times. But the Chinese have a population problem so they allow endless migration from China into Myanmar and the Myanmar government.

Myanmar Mountain Trailssteep Myanmar mountains

The Myanmar government says yes to all this. With this policy more than 5 million Chinese have settled in the Mandalay region within the last 5 years. The local population has enormous problems and is marginalized because Chinese immigrants are financially much better off and pay higher rents / prices for houses. 

This trend is currently everywhere in the ASEAN States to observe so also in Cambodia and Thailand. But regrettably the former Burma is in the dilemma between the Indian masses of people who are rushing into the country via Bangladesh and the Chinese from the north and east trying to populate the country. In fact the Kachin state in the north of the country is ideally suited for that because only sparsely populated in the Myanmar Himalayas and far from any functioning administration.

  • Myanmar Winter Sport.

Actually Myanmar is the only country in south east Asia where a substantial winter sport could be implemented because of the perfect environment and enough people with money in the vicinity who would like that kind of sport and outdoor travel. As an example could be pointed to Singapore Thailand Malaysia and China.

Trekking in Myanmar Mountainssnow trekking in Myanmar

The Myanmar winter sport topography in terms of mountains etc. is here but as usual the government does nothing for development. That is the same with the environment in south of Myanmar where there are about 1000 pristine islands in the Myeik Archipelago near Thailand's Phuket and again the government in Naypyidaw do nothing. 
Kachin Native
Crossing mountain rivers

I sometimes wonder what the people in this Myanmar government actually do beside of useless bla-bla since the country has such a high touristic potential but nobody does anything for development although there is a lot of money in Myanmar especially in the Chinese communities but as long as the government wont start developments and incentives nobody will ever do anything this people are so lazy its a shame.

Myanmar snow mountains in Kachin State

The Chinese poachers sell the coniferous logs even to Korea all this criminal stuff is made by road trips via China. It's just the same as with the Myanmar Jade. There is less outdoor travel in this part of Myanmar.

Myanmar Kachin State MountainsIcy mountains in Kachin State Myanmar

They partly destruct the nature in north Myanmar with their hit and run business for quick cash legal or illegal since they just don't care and bribing their way through. Since the Chinese government imposed a logging ban some years ago they moved to other countries such as Myanmar (Burma) and Laos and keep on destructing the nature there.

Unfortunately, there is far too much nature destruction going on in the ASEAN countries since as visible every tourist travel theme is available in southeast Asia.

trekking in MyanmarIcy mountain peaks in Kachin State Myanmar

There are countless treasures in the region that the Chinese migrants are trying to exploit by "straw-men" a good example are the Jadeite Jade mines in Happakant Kachin State.

Himalaya Mountain trekking

They are already almost full in Chinese and the local population is resisting the "land-grabbing" but the Chinese have a powerful ally which is the Myanmar military. If you see what they get paid in their normal job that's no wonder.

Mountain trekking in Myanmar
Camping in Myanmar


  1. Currently Myanmar is in a difficult situation from the west Indian/Bangladesh people try to invade the country and from the north and east Chinese try the same

    On top of the Arab Islam States try to destabilize the country by Islamic manipulations hopefully the Myanmar Military can stop this human flood which pushes in like a tsunami.


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