Myanmar Clubs

Myanmar Clubs

To find gorgeous Myanmar club girls the easiest way is to have a look into a bar / club / restaurant where they run "fashion shows" at night or a disco.

Since we are real life people and not pretending to be good doers we won't pretending traveling to Myanmar without enjoying the country by different means. 

It always comes to my mind when I read through most websites related to nightlife in ASEAN and almost everyone is shy to talk about sexy girls in clubs and bars which is finally what nightlife is all about.
Myanmar Club entertainment

Exotic nightlife girls    Myanmar Bar Girls    Cute Burmese Girls 

This is because of a hypocrite behavior they had in many countries during the 19th Century they called it "Biedermeier" and it was resurrected under the name of "Taliban" and Saudi Religious Police, actually they also have this in other places on "Mother Earth".  Here in the east at Myanmar Thailand and Cambodia plus some other countries, people are luckily not as intolerant to other.  So be aware here you will find open minded content and definitely not ideologically biased nonsense.

The top red light district is Yangon Chinatown 

The guys want to have fun in the night and many girls in the red light districts are willingly in the position to deliver that fun not only on a Friday and Saturday night. 

There are no "hen nights" in Myanmar sometimes a stag party. Nightclubs are busy every evening naturally some are more popular than other and the more beautiful sexy women are around the more guys are attracted to come and have a good time with them. The real positive in this game is picking up girls in Yangon clubs is an easy deal because they also come there to be picked up so? Here everything works smooth and easy not only by imagination this is real maybe wild and sexy.

Exotic nightlife girls

The Myanmar nightlife scene is full with pretty ladies of a gorgeously exotic appearance.
Particular on television they only show some established model again and again but not the real beautiful ones who maybe can’t pay their way through.

There are plenty of cute young women around and the ones working in the nightlife business in Yangon a foreigner will probably make the first contact with a Myanmar lady.

Some Myanmar dating on location 

Since there is no real infrastructure around which means you can't meet anywhere there are not many coffee shops and similar to go for a date except in the big Myanmar hotels so it's better to move this stuff into the evening to bars and clubs. Just see this sexy Myanmar nightlife girls at some places in Yangon.

Men visiting this places in the evening want some entertainment, either visual
or something sexy Myanmar is a country where they have great young ladies
for entertainment and more.

Fashion dance shows and Karaoke

Karaoke and other interaction with Burmese model girls in one of the
nightclubs, restaurants, bars and discos can produce a pleasant time through the night. Often something physical can happen afterward if the chemistry fits, actually already Somerset Maugham and Geoge Orwell wrote about this when they were living and traveling in Burma. There are plenty of things going on in Yangon and elsewhere, the ladies in the night are mostly pretty and positive minded. There are basically three nightlife centers at Rangoon or Yangon, one is in Theingizay, Chinatown, that is the Zero Zone Rock restaurant a nice blend between a restaurant and a nightclub.

Between 8 and 10 pm fashion show groups coming in every 30 minutes, they usually have up to 8 cute wannabe mannequins walking up and down and it's possible to do some speed dating by giving some flower garlands when they hit the catwalk. They also have a buffet good beer and the other needed in the nightlife for very affordable prices.everything is very affordable.

Myanmar Model Girls & Entertainment in the nightlife scene

It is not an easy job as it might appear and not a glamorous one too. They do some sexy shows, moving up and down the stage and hope that some guys will spend flower garlands actual that are what it is all about getting some money and maybe have a good time afterward with a big spender.

Not all of them are in this direction but many, these pretty Burmese girls have something to offer, a pretty body, nice face and a pleasant behavior, that’s exactly why the guys come to the bars, restaurants, nightclubs and discos of Yangon.

In times of cheap airfares, they come from everywhere in Asia and even some from Europe and US. The country is the last frontier to be explored for gorgeous Asian ladies who are positive to do some naughty games.

Most men are local and Japanese,plus some Singaporean Malaysians and Koreans
Also, some Thai are around a western type is rather seldom. The competition is tough and unless there are some personal contacts which maybe open a successful screening session its quite difficult.

They are watching Thai and Chinese soap operas on TV every day and is in encouraging to give it try. Models in ads and fashion channels pose a real challenge to try it out and they wish to become one too. In the country, it’s definitely not the fame or attention that lures these pretty babes to become a model it’s the money which could be earned. I also saw a Japanese Manga imitation the other day.

Since the economic situation in the country is rather grim they are often the only money earner in the family that won’t leave much choice. Modeling would be a great job and maybe a career is waiting but the everyday reality is to work in nightlife business to earn money for today in Yangon bars and clubs.

An easy way to earn money in the night and not so bad after all. At least they also are in the limelight and if one of them possesses some appealing attributes such as a good body great forms a nice face and somehow positive attitude money will come in. Sometimes some problems appear because there are always different people which sometimes could be hard to handle
on the other hand when the “chemistry” with on one the guys are magnetic is could be a great night.

Luckily there is no problem to take the ladies with since the Yangon hotels are tuned for except the very expensive hotels are not "girl friendly".

The living situation

One of the positive things is they are usually not looking as “coat hanger” there is something on the bones.

This "coathanger" in the EU and US is sometimes really disturbing when watching this skeletons with skin cover as it seen in many fashion shows. It needs to understand that most people in the fashion business are transvestites (ladyboys) who like that so they simply hire that feature.

Since this are all rather young girls of around 20 years of age they are still natural and have a good styling, because of the age the skin is also still a bit glowing and they are usually healthy without scars or blemishes. They are the ones chosen for entertainment in the bars and clubs in Myanmar-Burma

The hair is often very long which underlines the exotic aura of these pretty Asian women working in the nightlife scene which still is full of excitement and fun to do this modeling job, they have quite some dedication and commitment.

Some are also registered with some modeling agencies in hope something positive will happen; now where can you meet these beauties? Many of them fulfill the essential prerequisites for modeling, the dimensions and figure harmonize this is what men expect from pretty women.

One other positive thing is compared to other countries in the region such as Thailand the women here are relatively tall, ideal parameters for the job.

Most have an exotic style look and feel with large cheekbones and large eyes. People who hire a model wants that it sells something, it can be discussed what finally is being sold but this is a matter between adults and they know what they are doing, no need for finger pointing they are old enough to know they are doing.

Some of this gorgeous and exotic ladies are just hired to go with the guy since he knows that he will stand out from the crowd and look and feel great.

They are not overdoing it on makeup or styling and that makes them attractive. Being a thriving model, without a doubt can be a lucrative job especially with a glamorous and interesting touch.  Which simply means earning some money by working in bars clubs and discos is simply attractive.

Enjoy young pretty nightclub girls in great exotic dresses you maybe can do some speed dating with.

Get them some "flowers" and have a good time. Although there is quite some routine in it, it's always "eye candy". Not only Kipling, Somerset Maugham, and George Orwell noticed this long time ago so have a look it wont hurt trust me.