Mogok Myanmar

Mogok Myanmar & Ruby Mines.

The oldest written records of Mogok in Upper Burma (Myanmar) date from the sixth century and from that time its always about ruby gemstone only the rulers changed from the Kings of Burma to British Colonialists.

Mogok in Burma's "rubyland " is located in upper Myanmar about 120 km north of Mandalay in a very rough terrain not far off the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) River and was since ever a main earner of the country income first by the Burmese State after by the English crown and again after WW2 by the Myanmar state together with jade. Where jade is exported to China and ruby stones to Thailand and India.

The Mogok stone tract has traditionally been associated with the finest rubies but even good stones are extremely rare from this famous area since only a very few sources of natural rubies can produce facet qualities gems in volume. `Pigeon's blood' is the term used to describe the finest Burmese stones for a great Mogok ruby deal.

Mogok ruby deal

Actually this phrase has little meaning today since only very few people have seen the blood from this bird we better compare it just to red blood is with a rich red fluorescence to daylight. 

Raw cabochon rubies wont appear very interesting when found but after they get cut and polished they become real objects of desire. Cabochons are used for many purposes among them as collector's items and ring tops .