Kandawgyi Lake Yangon

Located in Yangon center east is the royal or Kandawgyi Lake. 

The pretty Kandawgyi Lake park is around and a few small islands plus the probably most beautiful hotel in Yangon the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel with an exceptional location. 
Kandawgyi Lake

Here is some content from the 19th Century and nothing big has really changed. There is no city in the East with a finer playground and in time when the Victoria lakes which provide Rangoon with its drinking-water are added to the total of finished beauty, they will become famous. 

Some of the turf is as fine already as the turf of an English park. Among the trees are many of the sumptuous kind which break into one dazzling mass of bloom such as the pagoda- tree the padouk and the pinma. These trees are already a feature of Yangon City but their wealth is too widely scattered to make its full impression. 

Kandawgyi Lake and Hotel.

The city is a very green, a real relief from megacities such as Bangkok where the sheer greed of the people prevents even giving the the smallest green space to the public. 

Luckily at the time the British did something real good for the public and made some city planing with trees along the avenues making Yangon a tropical metropolis of striking beauty.

With the Shwedagon Pagoda on the hill in the back it is a perfect idyll of Yangon setting.