Day Tours

Pagodas Buddhist Shrine Temples & Stupas the sacred Monuments are probably the most important showcases of the country.

Temples and pagodas serve the same purpose but in terms of architecture are significantly different.

A temple is an open structure somehow like a church or mosque where you can walk in. The pagoda is is a solid and closed building, no way to walk in, see the travel pictures to understand the architecture

Full of mystic Buddhism and incredible monuments an ancient place where people lived for around 1800 yeas in an urban environment the city is probably older but there are no visible tracks anymore. Transportation is easy, either via air from Yangon and Mandalay which is around one hour or by road (not a good idea because roads are very bad) in 7 hours. Weather is fine and sunny except during monsoon times from around June to November. Climate is tropical means hot all the time, wear very light cloth only, otherwise, if you visit the icy mountains of the north there is ice and snow throughout the year. Visiting central Myanmar means not only pagodas and temples there is more for sure. Although this is the driest part of the country with all the negative effects there are plenty of attraction. Here are a few of the major day trips in Bagan And again use a guide, the local people are quite poor and you as a tourist can bring them a respectible event to earn money thats their job so everyone will earn some money from the foreigners. Keep in mind they dont have any other source of income. When you hire any of them ask to show some paper or ID from the state MTT to make shure that you get a qualified person and not one of this guys who dont know anything and only will beg you for money. Bagan websites and books are a nice reference but the only ones who let you discover what you expect on a day tour are the qualified professionals and as indicated elsewhere they have the key avaible to open the door on many temples and pagodas in Bagan. Keep in mind that most of the brick structures are ruins only they also would make sure that the bricks fall on your head and more.