Chin State

Chin State Ethnicity

Chin state is a remote rough ride in the north-west corner of Myanmar towards the border to Bangladesh and one of the main colonial targets of the English where they sent Missionaries.

They implemented a similar tactic in Shan State and with the Karen where they also tried to separate the local tribes from the central government via the introduction of Christianity keep in mind Burma / Myanmar has 135 ethnic minorities there is quite a diversity.

Chin State day tour

To a few of them notably Karen and Shan plus the Chin the British lied and promised them a separate state when they side up with the colonial government. Actually this tactical maneuvers are the main reason of the Myanmar's problems of today.

Chin state travel is popular when on holiday at Ngapali Beach via booking a tour another popular sightseeing target is the Chin new year festival. 

When the local tribes wear their traditional dresses and perform some tribal dancing during the Chin New Year festival. Interested? Book the tour early because accommodation is very limited the festival is a little primitive event but an unforgettable event of a live-time.