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If you like grandiose pictures you will like Bagan.

The Buddhist monuments such as pagodas and temples built around the Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady River) are unique in itself a good camera equipment should be part of the basic equipment of every Myanmar holiday because to shoot the best pictures it takes very long range and very light sensitive lenses 

As often the interesting objects are in the dim light of monasteries and the architectonic highlights are a bit further away. 
That is the reason why we suggest some suitable camera systems which just came to market recently for reasonable prices. Check the ads below the units there are a good blend of top technology and suitable investment.
Bagans monuments are truly a gigantic reminder to an interesting civilization to picture. Here is the evidence. Just below here you can see some photographic equipment based on current mobile phones and further below with more conventional cameras and lenses but using new technologies.

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Bagan and the Irrawaddy River

Bagan Temple
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