Bagan Mural Paintings & Frescos

Bagan Mural Paintings & Frescoes.

Traditional mural paintings in Bagan are some of the real treasures of the country they are hidden in the basements of temples are of a very traditional art style. The majority of this wall paintings show the life of Buddha. 

Mural Painting.

Most temple wall paintings in Bagan depict Buddhist themes such as stories of Buddha's life and Jataka Tales of his previous life. 

Other interesting scenes shown are about the life in the Kings palaces and legends. Even the old Pharaohs of Egypt had them in their tombs. Since they were made from a very long time the differences were mostly the styles motives and techniques to decorate space and dimensions. 

The old Burman in Bagan used it to transform a room or temple hall from an ordinary space to another one dedicated to Buddha.  The images always have the same subject such as a beautiful place maybe the palace of the king or the interior of a temple related to Buddhist ideas. Landscapes are rather rare because at the time three-dimensional wall decoration was not developed yet.

At that time professional muralist was hired to do the necessary finals to bring a temple alive usually by telling stories about people living there or the life of the Buddha. It is an amazing and effective way effective from a long time ago until today to tell stories. 

A beautiful art with creativity and excitement which came over from India with Buddhism to make it visually living, it became a part of the sacred structures which were built for decoration and devotion just as people personalize their home or office today.

Most frescoes are over one thousand years old and somehow fragile because the wet air during monsoon times bring fungi and deterioration.

Buddha and Buddhism legends are depicted on the walls of the temples usually in form of Jataka stories.

Bagan murals and frescoes.

Bagan murals and frescoes open a window into far away times since lots of them also show daily live scenes in the palace, temples and nature. This is part of the great cultural heritage of Myanmar or Burma. Bagan is for sure one of the most important archaeological site in the world and the images tell more about mythology.