Bagan Excursion

To explore Bagan just as you like it.

To explore Bagan just as you like it is by an excursion and that is best with a car where the driver functions as a guide of course this needs some money to spend but it is for sure highly suggested when somehow possible and to do so is rather low priced.

If you can handle this ask at the hotel but tell them you would like to see that the guide worked before with the local Myanmar travel and tours. The reason to ask this is there just to many locals around who try to take advantage of the tourists and offer rather low stuff in response. E.g. it is very important to have a guide who know very the key is to enter certain monuments etc. since many pagodas and temples are quite rotten and nobody want to have a brick banging the head. 

Exploring the Sale Monastery is for sure an exotic highlight when visiting Bagan what is the main interesting point? The monastery structure is all teak made and is one of the few which made it over the centuries also the interior is all teak made from the painted furniture to the carved sculptures most with a Myanmar Buddhist theme.

One of the most interesting activities in Bagan is shopping yes that is no a joke and what they have to shop for? High end lacquer-ware in various shops and beautiful ceramics. Be careful with lacquer-ware prices are high and most Myanmar's don't know when to stop increasing the prices it needs to be tough and also walk out of the shop if it necessary. The lacquer-art is very attractive indeed. If you want to buy something do it here cecause most goods are not available elsewhere. 

Bagan and Irrawaddy River

The reason for the accompaniment is manifold one is e.g. there is always someone who takes care of the stuff that usually needs a lot of time and almost every person in Bagan has some time limit. 

Another typical thing is to visit some pagodas and temples and finally you have traveled so far to this exotic destination and you probably wont travel to central Myanmar again in the near future. However in most pagodas and shrines you only get in with the key and you do not know exactly where to go once in the building well the guide knows where the key is (most gates are secured with keys) and how should you come in there?) etc.

It really makes some sense to do some homework'. The result will be an unforgettable trip by seeing and experiencing much more compared to the "normal" tourists. 

One should also take into account the archaeological fields and buildings of Bagan. The hustle and bustle of Chinese masses and many Russian travelers are of course still having a lot of catching up to do in terms of global travel destinations and since there is so much to see and do here you should really take advantage of all the options you need.