Ancient Tomb

An Ancient Tomb.

Here is a description of an ancient Egyptian tomb that was discovered in late 2018. The reason why this is mentioned here is that I remember a similar place under a Buddhist temple in Bagan Myanmar whose similarity is really striking.

ancient tomb
Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the thousands-year-old tomb of a priest in the Saqqara pyramid complex near Cairo. The tomb is said to be "exceptionally well preserved, colorful, with sculptures inside," said Chaled al-Enani, minister of ancient affairs in Saqqara. 

An Ancient Egyptian Tomb.

The tomb belonged to a high priest named "Wahtye" and was more than 4,400 years old, he added. The burial ground was decorated with scenes depicting the royal priest with his mother, wife and other family members, the Department of Antiquities explained. Thus, "Wahtye" was High Priest under King Neferirkare during the fifth dynasty (2500-2300 BC). Overall the burial chamber contains 18 niches with 24 statues. 
Tomb site in Sakkara

In total the burial chamber contains 18 niches with 24 statues - all of which are preserved in remarkably good condition.

According to the ministry "Wahtye" was a high priest under King Neferirkare during the fifth dynasty between 2500 and 2300 BC, 

There are 18 niches with 24 statues
the buried Wahtye was  high priest under King Neferirkare

The tomb site of Saqqara has been the scene of spectacular finds in the past. In August 2018 for example scientists are discovering there a 3,200-year-old spread cheese.

ancient Egyptian tomb

It has been clear for a long time that valuable specimens of this kind can be expected in Saqqara: this year alone researchers have dug up a number of archeological relics, including several sensational discoveries: in July, scientists are discovering a gilded mummy mask there; in August, a 3200-year-old spread cheese - and last November, dozens of cat mummies The Catsmum Fund found particularly ancient objects: 

At the edge of the necropolis of Saqqara the researchers discovered seven coffins, four of which came from the Old Kingdom, the oldest of the classical periods of Ancient Egypt. They are thus more than 6000 years old. The excavations had begun in April.