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Myanmar or Burma is ethnically a very diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially listed by the by the government. In terms of exotic appearance the Chin and Naga of the northwest are second to none. 

Colonial British in Burma gave some political freedom to the Karen people and Christianity was embraced. There are more than 7 million Karen people in today Burma and another about half a million in neighboring Thailand. Mon people are also very close to Thai people in particular from south Thailand.

Myanmar people.

Myanmar people are of a wide variety of ethnic groups. Burmese people are in about 130 different ethnic groups  we will mention the  main groups here such as Burmese Shan Mon (Talaing) Karen Chin Kachin  Salon and a few more. About other Burma people ethnic groups pls. have a look through the website.

Below are two Chin Ladies > more.

chin lady smoking
Makan Chin lady

Just watch the face tattoo just like the latest tattoo fashion in Europe and USA. Of these the 

Among the Myanmar Tribes the Burmese are the most numerous. Of the other Burma ethnic groups the smallest and most backward are the Salon who inhabit the islands off the southern coast mainly in the Mergui or Myeik archipelago further south in Thailand they are called Moken. They are probably the oldest inhabitants from southern Burma all the way down to the Tarutao Islands on the border between Thailand and Malaysia.. 

Burmese people came in by three great waves of immigration from the north. Of these the earliest is represented by the Mon or Talaing, who also stretched all the way down to present day Phuket Island in southern Thailand.

The second and third wave of People in today Burma were the Burmese and the Shan. The Karen stand in a category somewhat apart. The Kachin are of the same Burma people ethnic group as the Burmese, but their descent into Burma came later.  

Today the Mon people like many other are not absorbed completely into Burma they still have their Mon State around Bago (Pegu) and southwards. Until about 1990 there was still some kind of civil war between them and the central government.

Myanmar People

Myanmar Girls at different places.

Chin People from North Myanmar.

Myanmar Naga Tribe living in the northwest near the border to Bangladesh the Naga are a sub-tribe of the Chin. 

Myanmar Naga People
Women from Kachin State

The living conditions are extremely tough in this north-west states of Myanmar to the north are high mountains  which are the offshoots of the Tibetan Himalaya and to the west and north-west is Bangladesh. 

The mess they have currently with the Bangladeshi was created by the British colonialists about two hundred years ago and came to an eruption of violence in resend days.

Myanmar Chin State PeopleMyanmar people in Chin State