Myanmar People

Myanmar People View.

Myanmar or Burma is ethnically a very diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially listed by the by the government. In terms of exotic appearance the Chin and Naga of the northwest are second to none. 

Myanmar People

Myanmar Girls at different places.

Chin People from Myanmar.

Myanmar Naga Tribe living in the northwest near the border to Bangladesh the Naga are a sub-tribe of the Chin. 

Myanmar Naga People
Women from Kachin State

The living conditions are extremely tough in this north-west states of Myanmar to the north are high mountains  which are the offshoots of the Tibetan Himalaya and to the west and north-west is Bangladesh. The mess they have currently with the Bangladeshi was created by the British colonialists about two hundred years ago and came to an eruption of violence in resend days.

Myanmar Chin State PeopleMyanmar people in Chin State