Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands & Sea.

The Andaman Islands & Sea is situated south of the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar (Burma) plus Thailand including north-west of the Malay Peninsula and Penang north of Aceh / Indonesia and east of India.

Beaches scuba diving nightlife plus history great hotels and beach resorts, live aboard  and scuba diving trips to the Similan and Surin Islands are available. Further south west is the  Tarutao archipelago at the border to Malaysia.

Nightlife in Phuket and countless other places almost all of them have spectacular waterfronts. A tour to discover this brings people to one of the last underwater paradises on earth.

Andaman Islands

In the Indian Ocean are countless islands to play Robinson, travel exotic places, cruising
and do coral diving, big game fishing, sailing, and still find another even more exciting spot.

It stretches to the south into Malaysia and beyond the Ko Tarutao archipelago close to Langkawi Island. 

The island world of this part of the Indian Ocean is relatively untouched, before the 16th Century only Chinese trader moved into the area to buy or rather exchanged pearls and other goods with the Sea Gypsies of the Myeik Archipelago and behind. The part which belongs to today Myanmar has changed several times between them and Thailand.  

In the 17th. Century Mergui, as it was formerly know belonged to the Ayutthaya Kingdom. It fell into the hand of the British after they annexed Burma. The city was an important place on the map of the East India Company because it functioned as a restock and trading center on the trip from Calcutta to Penang. Goods have been unloaded here and moved on the back of elephants to the Gulf of Thailand and further to Ayutthaya, China, and Japan.

A bit further to the south near Kawthaung is the Isthmus or Kra Canal which has the shortest distance between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.  This is a destination for a great beach vacation, jungle trekking, caving, kayaking, canoeing and climbing the limestone rocks at Krabi; explore national parks, sunbath on the waterfront. Do some surfing, water and jet ski, paragliding or maybe some scuba diving in the Indian Ocean, it could also be just the right place for retirement. Here are exceptional beach fronts with coral reefs and abundant marine life.

Almost all Thailand Myanmar and Malaysian sea destinations 

offer exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving excursions often by live aboard or day trips with the dive vessel or other yachts. The problem with Myanmar tourism is there is practically almost no infrastructure. Transportation is lousy which makes it difficult to come anywhere. Compared to the Andaman Islands and Sea in Thailand or Malaysia they do almost nothing in Myanmar which definitely is a shame. 

Outstanding scuba diving destinations are the Similan Islands off Khao Lak accessible by tours from Phuket and by speedboat from Khao Lak via Lam Ru Pier a couple of kilometers before.
Plenty of tropical fish, sea snakes, sea horses, whale sharks, white sharks, sting rays and other big game reside in these waters.

The Thailand Andaman Sea is a very large area with countless fine coastal strips (see the map), so you can be sure not to see many tourists around, in particular at the Andaman Nicobar Islands which are under Indian control and the access is restricted. The best known Andaman Island beaches are at Phuket and here the number one is Patong Beach. The most famous inhabitants of the area are the Sea Gypsies called Salon in Myanmar and Moken in Thailand.