Yangon to Bagan

Yangon to Bagan is the top tourist shuttle in Myanmar

The dry central region around Bagan is the second travel landing-place the first is the old capital Yangon. 

The famous city of Bagan on the Irrawaddy river is where most tourists head to for visiting the unique temple and pagodas, this old city is famous for the Buddhist monuments which are indeed something unique. It is also a compact showcase of Myanmar (Burma) history. 

The dry central region is the destination of most tourists to Myanmar with Bagan as the unique temple and pagoda destination. This old city is famous for the Buddhist monuments which are something really new in particular in that quantity.

Main day tours are to Mount Popa and some Monasteries in the vicinity. When you are around it is highly recommended to take a local tourist guide because only they have the knowledge to show you what's up. This is many temples and pagodas precinct are closed and only they know where the keys are to enter them in the safest way because often these brick buildings are in bad shape. No other than local tourist guides know to handle this because they won't get the key to enter the buildings. If you can't enter and have a look you will miss half of the city. 

Although the roads in Burma are not good at all except from Yangon (Rangoon) to Naypyidaw most tourist road travel is between Yangon and Bagan. 

Plus several airlines carry the passengers there. Several bus companies do the run through the night and cars and motorbikes are for rent but especially the scooters are risky rides.

Want to buy a bus ticket for Yangon to Bagan which is in central Myanmar let the hotel or travel agent get it, doing yourself will just take too much time.

From the recent capital to the very old one

It is not long ago that Yangon was the capital of Myanmar Burma but it is very long ago that Bagan was it. Beside of the fact that today this are the top travel destinations in the country including Mandalay.

A useful addition is that the two highways between the former capitals are currently (2017) the best roads in Burma. The preferred connection is via Pyay along the Irrawaddy Ayeyarwady River and the other road travel is via Naypyidaw the current capital. This new city has in real terms no use it was more or less a power demonstration of the military to show everyone who is in charge here. 

The fact is Yangon is the economic powerhouse and Bagan plus Mandalay are the 
culture hotspot.

How to travel from Yangon to Bagan

When purchasing a ticket for the aircraft and bus or maybe get a car with driver or check for a motorbike in Yangon try "Vegas Travel".

That is a travel agent with a young crew in the Central Hotel. One of the better Yangon City Hotels the place can't be missed it's just opposite Bogyoke Market and adjacent to the Sule Shangri-La. Vegas travel has user-friendly prices and works fast don’t buy a ticket from the airline direct they are more expensive. 

The Irrawaddy River is used between Mandalay and Bagan only because there are too many shifting sand islands in the river to make it navigable.

On the street are always some people around who whisper "change money" or try to start talking with you also using kids sometimes. In general, don't start any talk with them since you won't get rid of them and their only activity has only one purpose and that is either to cheat you somehow or simply begging.

Day tours such as in Bagan are on the agenda and tourists are the new invaders which are welcomed by almost everyone since they bring what all people like money and work. On our website is the latest information about attractions sightseeing how to do travel preparation get a guide and tips.

Virtually all roads and flights somehow leads to this temple and pagoda city

Here is a spectacular Buddhist environment with shrines and images plus grandiose monuments. Bagan on the banks of the Irrawaddy should be visited at least one time, hotels are plenty and there are lots to do and to see. The ancient city is reachable from Yangon, Mandalay and Heho (Inle Lake) via several airlines every day, they all use small turboprop aircraft. There is also a rather exotic bus service from Mandalay and Yangon. 

Since a few year now plenty of good hotels have been pulled up in every price range also the electricity problem is somehow under control. Now nothing really hinders anyone to make a trip to Central Myanmar at having a look around, it's definitely worth it. Similar showcases of an ancient time in this quantity are not many on "Mother Earth". Considering the easy accessibility I guess if someone is at a bit culture mindset there is no way bypassing this fascinating old secret city in the flat center of Burma. Located in the dry zone of the country on the left bank of the mighty Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwady) River. The empire was a glorious two hundred years long epoch. In the heart of Burma stands a partly ruined city, which is regarded by everyone in the country and elsewhere as one of the wonders of the world. In our website is the latest information about attractions, sightseeing and how to do travel preparation. Get a guide for Bagan at least for one day at the beginning and have a good time. After you did a short overview you could rent a bicycle or a horse coach and explore the plains on your own. But do this after you made the day tour for one or two. All this is very necessary since if you don't do it that way you would miss out most interesting stuff. Especially the minor but still very pretty temples and pagodas are mostly closed and locked no way to get in without a guide since she/he has the key. Also, many structures are already ruined and only they know which makes sense to enter safely.​

From Yangon old style to Bagan

In the old days during British colonial times, it was possible to use the Irrawaddy for Rangoon (Yangon) to Bagan.

After the Britsh left nobody took care anymore and the waterway was not navigable after a while because of ever-shifting sand-banks. Currently, they only have a couple of sectors such as Bagan to Mandalay which is usable but for Yangon over the whole distance to Bagan it won't work.