Bagan Pagoda Temples Shrines and Stupas

Bagan Pagoda Temples Shrines and Stupas

The city is still very large but of nothing beside tourism related day tours are of interest although lots of exotic culture is around. This makes Bagan an ideal photographic destination since such a place with stunning Buddhist history is difficult to find again. 

Mingalazedi Pagoda in Bagan
But unfortunately the government does everything to keep the foreigners away although they deny it but lies are the normality in Myanmar. 

Buddhist Temple in Bagan InteriorThe trick is to make the visa procedure so difficult so that everyone tell him or herself why I should do that?

Bagan's pagodas are very attractive and the Buddhist temples an incredible visual impression to everyone plus golden shrines and stupas radiate high culture. 

On the other hand there are signs on the horizon that the Chinese "Tsunami" is coming that means like in Cambodia and Thailand road trains of Buses from China with Chinese people are clogging the roads and that is no holiday anymore. Already in Phuket Thailand today they send in hundreds of aircraft every day which are loaded into stinking coaches they bring in from China.
A prayer to the nats

On top of it the Russians move in like the tanks in Phuket.

E.g. many people already moved to Khao Lak because Phuket is totally flooded with this two post communist species
Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan

Bagan pagoda tour old style