Anawrahta Street Yangon

Anawrahta Street Flower Market

Here is plenty of street food and restaurants plus shopping possibility even an old church and a beautiful flower market is along the road the attractive tropical flowers in all colors including huge white lilies from Shan State. 

Anawrahta Road in Yangon

Places to visit on Anawrahta Road

Most of the interesting parts start in Chinatown in the west in between are local style condos and apartments most people living here are of Indian origin having shops of the street level. 

Here are no brand-name stores only locally and Chinese made items are sold that includes fashionable clothing and accessory from Thailand and a few from Europa. The rich local people usually fly to Singapore and Bangkok when doing high-end shopping.

City Hall    Old Ministers Office

Go-Shopping for almost everything

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One of the absolute highlights of any trip to Myanmar is exotic shopping.

People won't imagine what is available for a good deal, the thing is since the country was locked up for such a long time the old oriental bazaars and goods are still around and very busy, bustling with goods many people can't even imagine. 

Anawrahta Street ShopAnawrahta Street FoodAlthough the usual Chinese junk made huge inroads the good old Burmese handicrafts, gemstones, jewelry, wood carvings, lacquerware, silver, jade, ruby, sapphires, gold and myriads of precious stones are still available. Unfortunately, the Chinese shopping frenzy pushed up all prices in the last 2 years.

Yangon Anawrahta Street Shopping

Anawrahta Street Flower market

Anawrahta Street Flower Market

It's a fresh market and starts in the afternoon no ice involved so it needs to be very fresh which frankly I have my doubt's, anyway I am here to make some pictures and not to eat. Since this also is according to the traffic one of the dirtiest street in the city it needs a good wash after moving around. 

If you might not live in a tropical region and don't want to put too much attention to the beautiful flowers just buy some artificial ones. In this days it's almost impossible to see visually a difference. There are countless street markets in the city along Anawrahta Road the most interesting is the tropical flower market in front of the old Methodist Church at 38th street. 

Not only have they tropical plants there are also plenty of "temperate climate" flowers from Shan State. Since the whole area in the northeast around Inle Lake is above thousand meters all plants are known in Europe also grow here.

Myanmar is blessed with different climate zones that are perfect for growing many types of flowers, from the glaciers of the 6000 meter high mountains in the north to the temperate level in Shan State at about 1000 meter height to the tropical flatland elsewhere. 

An ideal environment to grow many different flowers among them are the marvelous orchid.