A Burmese Trip back in Time

Myanmar Travel & Day Tours.

About Myanmar (Burma) travel and living are plenty of myths positive and negative. Unfortunately in recent times Burma news are almost all negative. Here are extensive travel tips that are constantly brought up to date with visual focus so lots of high quality photos and videos. 

Keep in mind Myanmar (Burma) is of a size of England and France together and has 134 ethnic minorities see pictures here. Full day tours & trips are available in all tourism relevant places such as Yangon Bagan Mandalay and other always consider local tour guides because by hiring them everything works faster and with less complication. 

Best day tours and Myanmar travel destinations.

We also included day trips to the most interesting touristic places from the southern border to Thailand at Kawthaung earlier "Victoria Point" up to the Chinese Indian Bangladesh and Lao border inclusive of the Myanmar Himalayas with great trekking tours. 

Plus spectacular waterfronts along the Indian Ocean coast and on around 1000 islands scattered in the Andaman Sea off the southern coast of Myanmar plus a spectacular mountain tour destinations in the Myanmar Himalayas. 

National parks and about 3000 km coastline with countless of beaches and over thousands of islands in the Andaman Sea everything under laid with gigantic own pictures no internet copycats.Very often news today about the country are negatively dramatized from the BBC services as the front end of the old colonial master and other media and publications.

Myanmar (Burmese) history.

The Anglo Burmese relationship never was a good one since the very early colonial days when the British conquered Burma until they left leaving back a looted country in a big mess. Everything what happen today has its roots in British colonial times. When the British left Burma there was no aid and WW II just had ended.

The only positive the British left behind was a good Burma capital this was Rangoon today Yangon and not the capital anymore. A rail network and the river business of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company plus a somehow working education system which even today is superior to most other in south east Asia except Singapore and the Philippines  The British colonial time ended and a chain reaction of more disaster started even into the 21. Century started. The two most resent nature disaster where the Burma cyclone and the Tsunami some years before.

We try to show Burma (Myanmar) from the travel relevant side including history and new tour destinations without mud sling politics.

Here are excellent pictures and videos of interesting Burmese people (Myanmar has 135 different tribes) and nature. Our website is somehow visually oriented with lots of pictures taken and collected over more than a decade including old shoots from Anglo Burma times and before. Burma has a great nature to explore and is a ideal exotic travel destination in the north the extensions of the Tibetan Himalayas and all the way down into the  Andaman Sea via the Mergui Archipelago to the southernmost tip at Kawthaung opposite Ranong in Thailand. Everywhere you will find tasty Burmese and exotic food which is very often not clean. Burma and the rest of the world don't understand each other most of the time but this has political reasons. What makes Myanmar / Burma different from other tour destinations is the unique high level cultural background and around 2000 km coastline with plenty of tropical beaches.

Plenty of scenic tour spots such as Inle Lake and Shan State plus Mandalay Bagan Yangon Mrauk U in Rhakine / Arakan makes it sure Myanmar is the right place for your vacation tours and tourism with culture and lasting impressions.

Myanmar Journey and Burmese Day Trips

Many tour agents offer their services that means for your Myanmar vacation / holidays you could easily take a flight to Yangon or Mandalay and put your itinerary together this way you could save a good amount of money in comparison when you take a vacation package tour out of your country. 

Since most Myanmar travel comes via Thailand by aircraft and ship bus (via Bangkok) here is some Thailand travel information. Now get your flight to the "Golden Land" and touch down at Yangon Airport.

Travel to Myanmar got another boost upwards a few years ago when so called 
No need to apply at a Myanmar consulate for a visa just use the internet. When you arrive at the Yangon / Mandalay Airport just search for the e-visa counter show your receipt and they help you to pass immigration.

  • Road border crossings.

There are some road border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar plus elsewhere such as India but for that check the e-visa link above first. If you are on a Thai re-entry visa the Thai will charge you Baht 1000,- be aware that you need this re-entry visa to come back to Thailand otherwise different regulation apply and this can become difficult since the Thai tend to change the regulation continuously and sometimes they  are not so sure what actually changed.

There is only one little problem and that is when you arrive at Yangon Airport you need to have totally clean and undamaged dollar bills if there is even the slightest problem such as something written at the dollar note or the paper is broken at the fold which is rather natural they will reject it  and they are very stubborn on this they Myanmar State Bank refuses to take such bills and be also careful on exchanging since the money changer / banks at the airport have an extremely low changing rate. 

The best is don't change something at all just look when driving to town for a bank and tell the taxi to stop when you see one. But do this only when there is a second person from your side in the taxi. Also don't allow that the driver pick up other passengers you don't know on the way to town.
With roots reaching deep into India and China into Malaya and Negritos of the south sea in the Myeik Archipelago make the country an interesting destination for exotic vacations and holidays. 
  • Adventures are waiting in the Myanmar Himalaya Mountains in Kachin State and spectacular beach scenes on the mainland and islands with more 3000 km coastline scattered in the Andaman Sea.
The country borders Thailand to the east, Bangladesh, and India to the northwest plus China to the north.&tnbsp;
Just to see the facts and what can happen (heard about "murphy's law?) We are not politically correct because we don't like lies. To see the real life and kick the hypocrite off your path.
  • The environment in Myanmar
Myanmar is in a very rotten condition accidents are happening all time and it is of no use that something happens to you. Very important are good shoes to avoid this and keeping the dirt away we selected the outdoor shoes you can see at the ads at right, They are very easy to clean and offer some kind of stability.

Myanmar road travel

There are two basics before leaving for a Myanmar vacation make a good insurance at home and not in Thailand. In Myanmar's neighborhood they sell insurances also at Air Asia if you use them for a flight. 

Just be careful at Myanmar road travel but it's much less dangerous as road travel in Thailand.

But just ignore them since they will ignore you when a problem arises. Hospitals are also at an extremely low level. They only have one good one in Yangon which is Pun Hlaing medical travel.

What to do in an travel emergency in Myanmar? 

Be prepared and try to keep trouble away in the first place. In Myanmar you will not be able to buy anything in an emergency case and if you are with a tour group you should know most of them also won't help you because they have no insurance either. 

As far as I know the only tavel agent offering tours to Myanmar and you could depend on in a case of real problems is this one they are managed by Swiss people. 

We have put this at the beginning of the website because usually nobody knows it and when something happens it's too late. In general include in the insurance to fly you out in a serious case the best is to Manila. Don't consider Thailand because the qualification of doctors in Thailand is quite poor. 

Here local experts are writing and no internet copycats plus unqualified "me too visitors". 

Myanmar Himalaya

  • What makes Myanmar (Burma) different to other tourist destinations in the region?

Myanmar has a unique cultural background of 135 different ethnicity. Former Burma today Myanmar is an ideal exotic and tropical travel destination with a traceable almost three thousand years history but a total mess in any emergency case. Having all possible temperature and climate zones from the icy mountains with glaciers in the northern Kachin State which are an extension of the Tibetan Himalayas to the tempered environment of Shan State with hills plus Inle Lake on an average of 1000 m height see the travel pictures for more, the tropical climate covers the center and all the way down until the southern Myanmar tip at Kawthaung just about 300 km north of Phuket Thailand.

  • The top 10 + Myanmar Travel Destinations.

Burma shakes slowly off the colonial times, the communist plus military madness and moves into modern life. Today Myanmar is one of the best holiday destination in this part of the world. A unique blend of culture and outdoor fun as trips in Myanmar (Burma) fascinate. Holiday in Myanmar with great lakes, exotic tribes, pristine jungle, sightseeing, relaxing and nightlife, river cruises, air and road travel plus hundreds of pictures and videos. Here is every information for great tropical holidays in Myanmar (Burma).

Since Myanmar is a rather remote destination there are many problems when travel around a particular is electricity so always keep your gadgets and cameras charged. A ggod investment is for sure a 

Myanmar trekking
The gentlemen below could be a perfect English Punk ok it's not Prince Harry but keep in mind the British have been here around for over 200 years. They still try now together with the US to do everything possible to make Myanmar's miserable and blame them for the result. 

The British & US governments are actually responsible for the mess the country is in they are a pain in the ... of Myanmar.

Myanmar people of the north

North Myanmar Kachin Style houses

That means there are still plenty descendants of the stiff upper lip version around.

Our website brings you a comprehensive package on almost everything which is interesting for a traveler such as culture and folklore plus gemstone shopping in the Bogyoke Market. Just get an idea of the islands and beaches plus snow ice and the off-shoot trails in the Myanmar Himalaya Mountains. Holiday Information is many plus pictures and videos.

What makes Myanmar (Burma) different to other tourist destinations is the unique cultural background with about 135 different ethnicities reaching deep into India and China plus today Malaysia and Negros of the south sea. There is more 3000 km coastline with plenty of tropical beaches along the main coast and on around 1000 islands scattered in the Andaman Sea off the southern coast plus great mountain destinations.

The Airport in the former capital is the start for most visits to Myanmar there is only one more international airport in former Burma which is in Mandalay the hub and center to the northern half of Myanmar.

East Myanmar at Inle Lake
East at Inle Lake
Unfortunately to reach almost any places is not easy because road travel takes a long timeIt is difficult because most road surfaces are in really bad condition and quite narrow.

Best is the aircraft into remote areas
this is the only solution anyway. There are several domestic airlines starting every day from Yangon airport domestic and international.

Here are plenty of great travel pictures

Myanmar travel pictures
Myanmar travel pictures here are plenty of informative and colorful pictures from a great country. Enjoy the scenes they will tell you better than most written content.

Attractions in Bagan with hot temperature
Attractions in Bagan with hot temperature, the dry zone of  Burma. attraction in Bagan Visiting the country the first time a trip to Bagan is almost mandatory since this monument city which became relevant around 600 years ago is truly unique.

Buddhism everywhere

Maha Muni information from Mandalay
Maha Muni Temple in Mandalaythis temple is the most  venerated in the second biggest city of the country. Visiting is highly recommended otherwise you really miss a important part of your trip.

Shwe in bin monastery Mandalay
Shwe in bin monastery Mandalay
Vipassana meditation center at sagaing
Since the country is 
predominantly Buddhist 
there are several monasteries
and Vipassana plus 
other meditation center at 
Sagaing and Yangon

For meditation it's mainly Yangon and Sagaing, monasteries are everywhere. They also have a touristic component because if you are somewhere in a remote corner and cant find accommodation ask for at the next monastery they let you stay there.

country tour myanmar at mingun
Tour Myanmar at Mingun
Best local attractions are visiting pagoda and temples at Bagan and elsewhere, exploring 130 ethnicity, attending festivals, enjoy the climate, fishing and boating trips, national parks and wildlife reserves, islands and trekking adventure, read more.

Myanmar information about pagodas
Information about pagodas

Actually there is plenty of information available at many small book shops along Bogyoke Aung San Street opposite the market but most are in the local language only. They also sell various maps, it makes sense to buy one for a better understanding. 

information on daily life
Myanmar information on daily life

kandawgyi palace hotel
Kandawgyi palace hotel

Visit south Myanmar island and beaches
Visit south Myanmar islands

The country borders Thailand to the eastBangladesh and India to the north east plus China to the north.

Local attraction at Ngapali Beach
At Ngapali Beach
Beaches are real highlights of the country and there are thousands on the mainland and on the islands in the Bay of Bengal and in the Myeik Archipelago all the way down to Kawthaung in south Myanmar. Most prominent are Ngapali in the North West close to Bangladesh, this is reachable by aircraft and  Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha west of Yangon via road travel of about 5 hours. Since they improved the road there is no problem to drive there anymore. The most interesting are the island waterfronts but it is difficult to reach them, read more

In the Myeik archipelago
In the Myeik archipelago
The Myeik archipelago lies off the south west coast down to Kawthaung with almost thousand islands, this has a great tourist potential once the area is opened completely and developed. This coast strip is known as Tenasserim or Thanintharyi. It is thinly populated and it has never played any substantial part in the development of  the country. The hills reach down in a narrowing peninsula to Victoria Point - or Kawthaung , the southernmost limit, read more.

Now get your flight to the "Golden Land" and touch down at Yangon Airport. 

First thing, don't change money at the airport, the rate is not good at all, for the start take some small dollar bills with, change downtown at the Bogyoke Market inside. Don't use the banks at the front, since the employees there either sleeping or do strange tricks. They only take totally clean and undamaged dollar bills, if there is even the slightest problem such as something written at the note or the paper is broken at the fold, which is rather natural they wont take it. This effects many people very seriously who simply don't know about, read more.

Beside of this little things there are no bigger problems anymore. 

arriving at yangon airport
Arriving at Yangon airport
Myanmar information at the airport
Myanmar information at Yangon airport

To make orientation easy for you we included the map at the right, just open it up and type in any destination, you will find it immediately, here are highlights of Yangon city.

Visit a local agent and put your holiday itinerary together, 

Myanmar countryside in the north
Visit Myanmar countryside
in the north
this way you could save a good amount of money on your holiday in comparison when you book a package in your country. 

They have a usual itinerary which is called Burma classic the well known travel triangle Yangon Bagan Mandalay and Inle Lake 

But it also has something to do with classical dancing and music which is very special. But the best for sure is click at banner from Asian Trails which is on top and let them work it out, they are travel expert and will keep away all trouble from you. At least when you visit the first you should take a package otherwise you miss a lot.
Make Myanmar holiday insurance
Myanmar holiday insurance
Here are some insurance information,  be aware that most tour operators have none at all, means if you have an accident you are in real trouble. That means one of the most important you must do is to get a good insurance. I am not a insurance broker but I have some experience. Don't underestimate this, because the country is quite rotten, this is not a negative evaluation it simply is the fact, here are more information.

Before you travel buy a travel insurance and you are a bit on the safe side for the journey. But in any case talk with your local insurance what to do, this makes some sense because they are locally available, their connection to handle this is a Thai company.

About nightlife in Yangon and elsewhere, most people don't know that there is a vibrant nightlife scene with great 
yangon nightclub show
Yangon nightclub show
bars, shows, restaurants, nightclubs, karaoke, sexy fashion shows plus native dancing, marionettes and puppet shows. There is a substantial nightlife, it's not like Bangkok but not so bad. For something special try Chinatown which is in the center, 
read more

Several big hotels and at other places downtown have good clubs and all variants of crossover, read more.

Myanmar nightlife show
Myanmar nightlife show
Nightclub in Yangon

Nightlife is quite interesting, it's not on a scale such as Bangkok but there is an amazing amount of bars, nightclubs, pubs, shows, discos, karaoke and more. As it is in every excellent oriental city the "butterflies" are around in all mentioned places above are pretty Myanmar girls who help they men drinking, singing and find other pleasure afterwards. This are mainly local run businesses the bars and pubs in the hotels are just the same as everywhere without a local flavor, read more

Tropical beaches for great holidays
Tropical scene for holidays
Perfect Myanmar Holiday can be very divers since the climate zone is from icy peaks in the Kachin State to the tropical beaches of the Andaman Sea in the rest of the country. That includes a temperate part which is Shan State with around thousand meters height including the great Inle Lake district with leg lower and floating gardens,read more.
Best Myanmar trip to the mountains in Kachin State
Trip in Kachin State

Geography, the country is in a remote corner of South-East Asia.

It is hidden away in the folds of mountains which reach down like the fingers of a hand from the heights of the Himalayas to the sea, it has had leisure to develop a character and a personality of its own. 

Its best friends in this sense have been these mountains, which have protected it on the one hand from the aggression of Indian invaders, on the other from the enormous absorbing power of China, read more.

Yangon shwedagon pagoda seen from people park
The biggest city is Yangon visually dominated by the great Shwedagon Pagoda. It is said that the pagoda is around 2000 years old. This is an old fashioned metropolis with an oriental colonial style and the best bazaar in the country  with is the Bogyoke Market named after the father of Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, read more.

Pure Myanmar country side at Mount Popa near Bagan.

Mount Popa near Bagan
Mount Popa near Bagan
Visit Mount Popa near Bagan
Visit Mount Popa near Bagan


High end Myanmar jewelry
High end Myanmar jewelry
Buddhist Art Painting
Buddhist Art Painting
About Myanmar jewelry of jade, ruby, sapphire, pearls, semi precious stones and ethnic jewelry.

About Buddhist art in Myanmar as statues, wood carvings, paintings, sculptures, images and wall murals.

Holiday in an exotic country

Have a break in exotic Burma

When visiting many variants  are available such as at the beach, adventure, cultural, island, fishing and mountain trekking plus more. People dream about the whole year to make an exotic trip, for a break which brings fun and improves the moods to pull up spirit and health. Start thinking about naturally the first is where to travel? 

Tropical temperature at seaside resorts & other accommodation plus cool mountains and lakes

Climate and temperatures are about Jan 27°c, Feb 31°, Mar 35°, Apr 37°, May 36°, Jun 33°, (monsoon starts) Jul 33°, Aug 33°, Sep 32°, Oct 31°, (monsoon ends) Nov 29°, Dec 27°.

Myanmar beach holiday
Beach Holiday in this Southeast Asian country is not like going to Florida
or Thailand since the place was hidden away and closed for almost a century, the last people holidaying here were some British during colonial times and after a few Russians and East Germans, read more.

The maha muni buddha statue
The Mahamuni Buddha face washing ceremony
Take a few days at an exotic coast or an island in the Andaman Sea, maybe the Bay of Bengal. At Ngapali, Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung, this is real quality time for singles or with family. If you are single an option could be to take a local young women with you.

A trip to Mandalay is a must when in the country because thats quite different to other places especially in terms of culture plus arts and crafts. That quarter is around the Mahamuni complex, it should be visited, read more.

Myanmar Mountain Holiday
Mountain Holiday
Hkakabo Razi mountain holiday glazed with snow
Hkakabo Razi glazed with snow

Trek the mountains of the north or maybe just climb up Mount Popa near Bagan when you come to the country, it might be useful since there are plenty of not so excellent things; one is continuous electricity cuts, although most hotels have their own generator, read more.
Inle Lake leg rower

The best probably would be to combine a culture oriented trip with a fresh environment in a pleasant climate range at Inle Lake in Shan State.
A beautiful lake with traditional boat races on the Shan Plateau they are a pleasure for your eyes and mind. A pretty accommodation there is golden Island cottages built on stilts right into the water, a great location, come and go by boat only, read more.

ox cart adventure
Ox cart adventure at Bagan
journey to Bagan is almost a must. There are myriads of others interesting places to have a look for. On the other hand for a breakaway scenario to get rid of the stuff you are bored with everyday. This would also be a very private vacation since there are not many tourists yet and lots to see and explore. 

This are not so much self-catering tours the best is either a guided one in a group or more individually take a guide at the destination, you can easily find one through the hotel or guesthouse. Guides are not expensive maybe up to $ 20,- a day plus a car with driver for about $ 50,- and you will see the stuff you would have never seen and experienced on your own. Even more important is you save a lot of time on searching around at a destination, it will take you one or two days as orientation and after you only about half of the interesting stuff you actually will find, read more.

Yangon nightlife girls
Yangon nightlife girls
Have a break with a sexy twist in Yangon's nightlife scene and do something good for yourself. Since a few years it is possible to hire some pretty Myanmar girls in the nightlife scene and they try to lift you higher. What does it need for that? Make some presents in form of crispy notes, finally everyone is happy, read more.

When you are there for a tour it needs to do some shopping, they such a lot of wonderful exotic things to buy and there is real beautiful stuff with a value. 

Exotic shopping at Bogyoke Market
Exotic shopping at Bogyoke Market
Shop for exotic items you have never seen before at Yangon’s Bogyoke Market (a must but closed on Mondays and open from 10 am to 5 pm), that’s also the place to change money just ask at a shop where and don’t listen to the guys running around whispering “change money” they will cheat you. Don’t do this at the airport and at a bank, in Yangon and Mandalay you could also use your credit card, but in general its cash in dollars, take enough with you, read more.
monastery and a place to place to sleep
Monastery can also function as accommodations
Staying in a monastery, if you ever are on a trip on your own and can't find accommodation in a remote area don't be shy to ask if you can stay in one of them. This places are everywhere and the monks are open minded, if you do don't forget a donation. It needs to stand up and go to sleep very early,read more.

   Mandalay    Irrawaddy Cruising   

Island   Day trip Mount Popa

at the beaches you could rent a room or cottages when traveling along with other, friends and family. Don’t start cooking your own food but be very vigilant where to go for a dinner or so, don’t eat sauces, salads and vegetables and have food in your hotel or in one of a bigger restaurant around to make sure not to get sick and lose your precious time. 

Myanmar street food
Myanmar street food

Avoid street food since the hygienic circumstances are "hair raising" they also mostly dont use ice, you can imagine what happen with seafood laying around in the bristling head heat the whole day without any cooling.  When you are through with it and take your airplane home you got a wonderful experience creating great memories cherished for years. 

Burma nightlife tourism
Burma nightlife tourism
It is quite different  to any other holiday destination on this planet and it is becoming increasingly popular. 

Burma tourism has plenty to offer among others friendly people of about 130 ethnic groups with an exotic style and festivals, pagodas, temples, beaches, islands just the right place to have fun and a good blend of everything. 

Regatta festival on Kandawgyi Lake
Regatta festival on Kandawgyi Lake
Shan highland with Inle Lake
Shan highland with Inle Lake

Icy mountains with the highest peak in South East Asia, temperate climate on theShan highland with Inle Lake and tropical spots in he Andaman Sea. 

A trip is usually focused on cultural themes adventure tours and visiting beaches

in the mountains of the north, islands in the Andaman Sea and excellent beaches with first class hotels at Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, Chaungtha Beach and elsewhere, hotels there 

Ngwe Saung Treasure Beach Resort

Ngapali Beach

can easily match others in Thailand.

More than 2000 km coastline and countless islands make it for sure a attractive destination. You can find trip packages in our site, some offer interesting deals. Scuba diving and live boards trips to the emerald waters of the Myeik Archipelago are also available but mainly out of Phuket Thailand since there is no infrastructure for it yet.

If you want to have it simple, laze at the waterfront, there are plenty of empty stretches of fine sand at the waterfront you could also watch the fishermen to bring their catch in in rather small boats.

Empty stretches of fine sand at south Myanmar Islands
Empty beaches with stretches of fine sand at south Myanmar Islands

This is not such a top destination for nightlife such as Thailand, but there is some in Yangon. For more exciting spots pls. check the other pages in our web site. The country is also suitable for family trips and expect a worry free time beside of some little problems which are everywhere. You can find it cheap and very expensive luxury, it is for everyone, its also ok for the kids.

In our site you will also find tons of exciting photo to give you a idea what you can expect. 

Pagoda, Buddhist Shrines, Temples and Buddha related

The first you will probably see and visit is the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, this is the most famous one in the country, there are other popular such as the Shwezigon at Bagan, Mahamuni at Mandalay, Shwemawdaw at Bago, the beautiful sacred pagoda and temples at Mrauk U and other.

One of the main problems on a trip is the infrastructure, only small scale electricity is available and most roads are real bad except some where the "big shots" are traveling. 

By taking an  airplane you can completely bypass this, in any case it's worth it to ignore problems sometimes, a Burma trip bring great panoramas, views and excitement in exchange.

Myanmar holiday without shopping?

is like a Ferrari without petrol ! that is the reason we make some suggestions here for your "super dupy" shopping.

The main destination is the Bogyoke or Scott Market in Yangon, a real oriental bazaar. Just take a taxi everyone know the place, be aware that at 5pm sharp almost all shops are closed. 

You can also change some money there, actually you should, its the only place where you can ask a few different shops for the exchange rate so you can figure out the best and won't get cheated. 

Don't listen to the guys who approach you and whisper ..change money... don't do it they just will cheat you, go through the shops, also forget the banks they even cheat more. Very important never change at the airport, "they pull you over the table".

If you want to buy something tell the shop people the should help you to change.

Ask at least 2 shops, now they take US$ and EURO, other currency such as Thai Baht and Singapore Dollar are also take but at a much worst exchange rate. Credit cards are slowly floating again but by no means depend on them you always need plenty of cash and the only reasonable place to get this local cash for a good rate, in the whole country, is this market.

Day Trip to the Kyaiktyio Pagoda

One of the best day tours from Yangon is to the Kyaiktyio Pagoda.

That travel is to the east via Bago and into the blue mountain ranges of Mon State on the border to Thailand to Kyaikhto City which is about 170 kilometers by rail or road from Yangon, there is also a bus. 

On the first leg to Bago are already some very great sightseeing spots one is the Kyaikpun Pagoda with the four Buddhas.

After it’s an 15 kilometers ride to the base camp. Until here the whole surface is not bad, between the town and the starting point to get up into the mountain are several hotels among them the “Mountain View resort” a nice clean place between rubber  

Along the roadplantings. From here it’s another 12 km ascend up to mountain top. Since the road is very narrow always one batch of vehicles move up and wait after the other drive down.
A pics of the Mountain View resort
This is one of the top pilgrim targets in the country and it is really amazing what’s up here. 

Theoretically his could be done by a day trip from Yangon but it is better to stay overnight because of the road condition it needs to have some spare time. This is also a drive through the Irrawaddy Delta.

Irrawaddy delta
In the Irrawaddy delta

Kyaiktiyo or golden rock pagoda
Kyaiktiyo or golden rock pagoda

The golden Rock Shrine 

is built on a gilded boulder with 25 meters circumference. Legend tells the whole is balanced in this precarious position by an original hair from the Buddha. The rather, around 7 meters high structure small 18-foot-high Kyaiktiyo or golden Rock Pagoda is located near the Thai border town of Mae Sot on an elevation of 1100 meters above sea level.

For Myanmar outdoor enthusiasts 

the ultimate kick probably would be a trek up to the top but it really needs good physical condition to do that. Actually the main problem is the heat and snakes both are of high amount. 

Most people do the trail in the loading bay of a small truck and the last 1.5 km must be done on foot or maybe not. Bamboo sedans balanced on the shoulder of 4 guys would be an alternative; this is very popular by “Fatty Bum Bum Chinese”.

Legend tells that in the 11th century King Tissa of Thaton got a strand of the Buddha’s hair from an hermit on condition that to enshrined them in a pagoda built on a boulder looking somehow similar to the hermit’s head. Since nobody found such a place they prayed to Thagyamin the king of the Nats and help came instantly. They found a suitable boulder at the bottom of the Andaman Sea and lifted it up to the top of the mountain.